• January 30, 2013
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Blake Shelton Promises Wounded Army Veteran a Handshake


Blake Shelton is known for his Twitter addiction, and last night, he happened to stumble across a story that involved him and a handshake.

Army vet Brendan Marrocco survived a bomb attack on his armored vehicle in Iraq in 2009. He became the first U.S. serviceman to survive a quadruple amputation and six weeks ago, he was the first person to have a double-arm transplant.

In an interview with WEHT of Henderson, KY, Marrocco talked about how great it would be for his first handshake to be with Shelton.

Shelton got wind of the story through Twitter and decided he will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. After seeing the link, he retweeted the story and said, “Wow.. Speechless. I will make this happen!!” He followed that tweet with a message directly for Brendan. “Hey Brendan @BMarr86…. I can’t WAIT to shake the hand of an American Hero/Stud… You my brother.”

Shortly after, Brendan tweeted his surprise that his request even reached the Country superstar. “@blakeshelton holy mother of god!! I can’t wait I’m a huge fan and really looking forward to it. Thank you”

Brendan is currently working on his rehabilitation following his transplant, and hopefully soon, he will have his handshake with Blake!

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