• May 15, 2013
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Brad Paisley Fulfills Promise To Fan Who Lost Battle To Cancer


Brad Paisley, Lee Feldman,

In October of last year, we told you about Lee Feldman, a terminally-ill cancer patient who wanted to pass his prized, custom-made guitar along to someone who would make good use of it. Feldman, who was dying of pancreatic cancer, turned to Country superstar Brad Paisley to fulfill his final wish.

“I had this dream and I said who can I find that can play the frets off a guitar? And the voice came out and it said, ‘Brad Paisley.’” Feldman said.

News spread of his wish and he finally got to meet the “Beat This Summer” singer to hand over his prized possession. That night, Paisley promised to Feldman that the guitar would be used on his next album. That was a promise that Paisley kept.

“Towards the end of the record, I brought it in the studio and set it in there,” Paisley said in an interview with Country Now TV. “And I went, ‘I know the song for that.’”

The song, “Officially Alive,” was recorded with Feldman’s guitar and his close friends and caretakers, Joyce and Dave Wilhide know that Feldman would love the song. “Lee knows. He knows about this. And I think he’s sitting up there going, ‘Yeah, I knew that he would do this,’” Joyce said.

“He told me, he said, ‘I want this to live on.’ So we ended the record with it,” Paisley said. “Officially Alive” is the last song on Paisley’s latest album Wheelhouse.

Feldman lost his battle with cancer in November, but his legacy will live on through Paisley’s music forever.

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