• September 8, 2013
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Carrie Underwood To Make Sunday Night Football Debut Tonight


NBC Sunday Night Football - Season 2013

Tonight’s the night! Carrie Underwood is set to make her highly anticipated Sunday Night Football debut prior to kickoff between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.

Underwood is taking on the theme song “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” after fellow country superstar Faith Hill stepped down from the coveted role earlier this year. When she went in to record the tune, Underwood said she and her team were determined to put their own stamp on it.

“We were definitely mindful — she had put her mark on it for so many years,” Underwood told The Associated Press in telephone interview earlier this week. “We definitely wanted to go in and make sure we switched gears a little bit and made it sound more like me. And changed up the look and the feel just so it wasn’t, you know, the same song with a different blondie up there singing it.”

When asked if she made the song more country, Underwood said their only intention was to make it sound like her. “I used my producer so there are going to be some elements that sound like me, of course, that’s what we wanted. But we weren’t like, ‘Hey, let’s use some fiddle,’ or, ‘Hey, let’s use some steel guitar.’ … We just wanted to make it me and make it fit the situation.”

The intro clip, which features Underwood and 13 of the NFL’s biggest names, will debut tonight at 7p.m. ET, and the opening theme will continue each week of the season to kick off Sunday Night Football.

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