• July 30, 2012
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CMIL Exclusive: Dee Jay Silver Interview



If you’ve had a chance to see Jason Aldean‘s ‘My Kinda Party’ Tour, chances are you’ve seen Dee Jay Silver. Silver takes the stage prior to Aldean’s set each and every night to help get the crowd pumped up and on their feet for Jason.

Ryan Miller, one of our contributors, caught up with Dee Jay Silver on a recent stop of the tour to talk about how he got his start, life on the road, and what’s next for him. Silver also revealed some very exciting news….

Q1: It seems like many people have aspirations to become a DJ. How did you take it to the next level and get to this point?

I’ve been doing this for awhile now. I toured with the rapper, Nelly, doing his after-parties and was on the Jackass World Tour with the MTV guys. Then I did a Remix of “She’s Country” with Country Grammar and my agent, Kevin Neal, who is also Jason Aldean’s agent, heard it at the Country Music Awards three years ago. Kevin then walked up to me at the Tabu Nightclub in Las Vegas and simply asked me “do you want to go on Tour with Jason Aldean?”

Q2: Wow, so it was one song and the right person listening that gave you your shot?

God put it in the right hands. Now we are going on two years. In fact, Brooks & Dunn on their last Tour, used my remix of “She’s Country” as one the songs right before they walked on stage. I was blown away by that honor.

Q3: I know you have a lot of free material on the Iphone App, Soundcloud. How long have you been doing that?

Over the past few years I have been putting up lots of mixes for free on the App. But my record deal came through and you will be seeing my music on Itunes.

Q4: Record deal?

I am proud to say I am the first ever DJ to be offered a country record deal.

Q5: So what should be expecting from you next?

Working with some of the biggest names in country music, past and present.

Q6: Have you become close with Jason and Luke[Bryan]?

Absolutely, they are two of my great friends now. I was just speaking to Luke before I spoke to you and we were talking about how far he has come. He just got to play “Good Morning America” in Central Park and I told him that was a bucket list type of thing. We both cannot believe we get paid to do what we are doing and love.

Q7: I am a big fan of all genres of music. I think it is phenomenal that you can combine each of the genres into the country world on your mixes. I hear everything from country to Jay-Z to LMFAO on your mixes. Where did you come up with the idea that hip-hop and country could actually mix?

I think it is such a cross roads right now and music is a kick drum from being rock and roll. Look at Jason’s music, there is not much difference between the high energy music he performs and rock and roll. On this tour, we are basically throwing the largest country club party every night.

Q8: If you are in a honky-tonk or a country bar and you hear a country song mixed with a hip-hop, rock and roll, or pop song, what are the chances it is a Dee Jay Silver mix?

If you heard a country mix, chances are I might have had something to do with it. I change the keys, switch the pitch, and reverse the chorus. My mixes of “Dust on the Bottle”, “Rodeo”, “Crazy Town”, among others, are getting a lot of play.

Q9: I know I heard you did a mix of Lee Brice’s “Parking Lot Party”. What else are you working on?

I just met with Lee’s people last week and we are going to be working on some stuff together. Actually, ESPN College Game Day heard that “Parking Lot Party” mix and we filmed a whole section for this Fall’s ESPN College Game Day with the mix.

Q10: When did you put out your first country mix?

Over five years ago. It was the first country mix ever made. It’s funny, now, I have clubs all over the nation asking me to come and play an hour of country music mixes. I couldn’t believe it because it was at a time where people either hated country music or loved it. Times have changed and it is one of the most popular types of music out there now. My first country club mix went through about 10,000 copies.

Q11: Are there any other artists out there you admire or want to work with?

The Zac Brown Band right now is killing it. Musically, there are not many that can compete with them and they are blowing up. I would love to do something with them. And Eric Church is my boy. There are not many solo acts right now that get more energy when I play a mix of his, Luke, and Jason. You saw it tonight -it was the biggest country club in the world tonight.

Fans can keep up with Dee Jay Silver on Twitter, Facebook, and his official website.

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