• November 2, 2012
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CMIL Interview: Reba Talks About Her New Sitcom, ‘Malibu Country’


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Multi-talented superstar Reba McEntire will debut her highly anticipated new sitcom, “Malibu Country,” tonight at 8:30 p.m., PT/ET on ABC. In her return to television, Reba plays Reba Gallagher, a wife and mother whose world is turned upside-down when she discovers that her country music legend husband has a cheatin’ heart.

CountryMusicIsLove had a chance to chat with Reba earlier this week to talk about the new show.

Check out our interview with Reba below.

CMIL: How did the idea for “Malibu Country” come about? 

Reba: It was a really strange thing that happened that made me realize it was a meant to be thing. My oldest son Brandon Blackstock, who co-manages Blake Shelton with my husband Narvel, was on a plane with Dave Stewart and they got to talking about “what do you do, what do you do,” and Dave said that he had an idea for a sitcom and he told Brandon about it. Brandon said “you should ask Reba McEntire to star in it” and he said “oh no, she has already got one” and he said “oh no, that was cancelled in 2006.” He gave the concept to Brandon and Brandon emailed it to me. I had already visited with Paul Lee at ABC about us working together, and when I took this idea to them they loved it. I only got two scripts in the last six years that I had been away from doing a tv show. I was thrilled this one came about, especially through my oldest son.

CMIL: Name one reason fans should watch “Malibu Country.”

Reba : Because it’s funny, it’s great entertainment. Its got Lily Tomlin in it, and for that reason alone you have got to watch it! She is hysterical. The rest of the cast is Jai Rodriguez, Sara Rue, Juliette Angelo, Justin Prentice and Jeffrey Nordling. My goodness, what a cast! We had so much fun shooting the pilot, people were watching us and saying, “golly, this looks like the second season, much less a pilot.” We just really all jelled, the story line is great, it’s funny, its got exciting things in it, and a few surprises. I think it’s going to be a show that people can sit on the couch and watch with their kids or their grandma and really have a good laugh about things.

CMIL: We talked to Martina McBride just after ABC signed on for the pilot and she said she’d love to appear on the show with you. 

Reba: I would love that. Martina is great friend of mine. I love her to pieces and to have her on the show would be a lot of fun.

CMIL: Fans are hoping your friends Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson will make a guest appearance. Have you talked to them about it? 

Reba: Absolutely! I’ve already asked them, they said they would definitely do it.

CMIL: Your character’s name is Reba, like in your last sitcom. Why did you choose to keep your first name again this time around? 

Reba : It’s alot easier for me to know who they are talking to when they say “Reba you’re up!” [laughs] I think it’s better for the fans for me to keep my name Reba, just to keep it all in place. I’ve got the music, television, the Reba brand of all my clothes, boots, and luggage and things.

CMIL: Will we hear any new music from you on the show? I heard you’ve recorded the show’s theme song. 

Reba : It’s called “Goodbye Looks Good on Me.” You will hear it as the theme song and you will hear it a little bit more in one of the episodes when Travie McCoy is on with us. He is our first special guest star. It’s a really great fun song to sing, and really plays in well with the concept of the sitcom. [There's a] song called “New Me” that’s also in the pilot. I wrote that with Dave Stewart and Narvel. We will have more music. It’s not something that we are going to do in every episode, but we’ll be incorporating music with the TV show.

Check out the “Malibu Country” trailer below and be sure to tune in to ABC tonight for the premiere!

Click HERE to learn more about the show.

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