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Five Questions with Tyler Farr


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Tyler Farr‘s much-anticipated debut album, Redneck Crazy, is available in stores and online now. The 11-track collection features Farr’s Top 5 (No.3 on Mediabase Country and No.4 on Billboard!) hit “Redneck Crazy,” as well as fan favorites “Hot Mess” and “Hello Goodbye.”

It’s an exciting time for Farr because in addition to releasing his debut album, the Missouri native will also hit the road this fall with Florida Georgia Line and Colt Ford on the Here’s To The Good Time Tour.

We recently caught up with the “Redneck Crazy” singer to chat about his new album, the success and controversy behind the title track, and much more. See what he had to say below.

Five Questions with Tyler Farr

CMIL: Are you surprised at the success of “Redneck Crazy?” How does it feel to have your first Top 5 single?

TF: When you release a single you always want it to be a hit. That’s what your goal is. You want it to be number one. For my career, it didn’t work out that way. With this song, the first two almost lead up to this. The first two singles, although not being hit songs, let me get out there and travel the country and play and meet folks at radio. I developed a lot of relationships with these stations and with the people there and the fans and created a fanbase. “Redneck Crazy” has kind of been the cherry on top. It’s taken a little bit at first, but it was steady. The downloads and stuff have always been good. Hitting five million views  with the music video, from having Willie Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” and Colt Ford and Lee Brice there. That hit when it did and all the stars helped line this up. I’d love to take credit and say, “we planned on a hit,” but it was not the case. I’ve been very blessed and very fortunate to have things happen when they did the way it happened and now it’s sitting at the top five single it’s almost hard to believe. It’s crazy.

CMIL: It seems a lot of fans are taking the single in different ways. Are you surprised at the different reactions it’s been getting? 

TF: The reason we released it as a single was it was a little bit edgy and it had a little bit of a weird kind of dark vibe to it, but it was real. A lot of people have been in this point in their life and they’re mad. When someone catches someone else that they love, a husband, boyfriend or whatever cheating on them they’re not happy about it. They’re pissed. They get mad. That’s just life. It’s real life and that’s what makes country music. Country music is writing and recording songs about real life stuff and what people, real people, go through and how they feel. If I can pull on someone’s heartstrings or make them feel a certain way with a song and help them out, help them get through it, or just rock out, whatever that’s my job. That’s what I try do and will try to do with every single. We picked that song and I knew there was going to be people that hated it. I knew there was going to be people that thought it was about violence and whatnot. I didn’t move to town and I didn’t want to sing country music to be normal, average, or sugar coat anything. That’s not my style and I don’t like normal. I’ve never been a person that’s wanted to put stuff to fit in the middle. That’s what me and Columbia Records, my label, both agreed. This is either going to sink or swim. I love stirring a pot. It’s different. I picked the single ’cause it’s different. It is edgy and there’s no song out there like it. I’ll never record or hear another song like it and that’s why I picked it. I picked it as my single and love it or hate it, they’re talking about it.

CMIL: Brett Eldredge recently went skydiving to celebrate his first No.1. Do you have any plans if “Redneck Crazy” reaches the top?

TF: Well, since Brett Eldredge went skydiving maybe I’ll go rocky mountain climbing. I’ll go 2.7 seconds on a bull named “Fu Man Chu.” I’m joking (laughs). I hate to talk about it right now. I just hate to jinx it, but I’ll probably have a field party with all of my friends. I think I made a deal a long time ago whenever I got my first number one, when we got to that point, my business manager would let me blow up this van that Lee Brice and I used to ride in. We call it the “three legged dog.” He’s just going to let me blow it up. I told everybody to bring marshmallows and hot dogs and we could have a little roast. There’s been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears put in that thing. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate so that’ll probably what we do.

CMIL: What emotions are you feeling leading up to the album release? 

TF: I’m ready to get it out there. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking, and humbling. It’s so many emotions all together. I can’t really describe it. The last couple months have been a whirlwind. It moves by so fast. You wake up and you don’t know where you’re at, but you’ve got to enjoy it and take it day by day. That’s what I’m trying to do, living my life and just enjoy what’s going on and getting to do some pretty cool stuff and experience some pretty cool things.

CMIL: What are you looking forward to most about touring with Florida Georgia Line? Have you spent much time with Brian [Kelley] and Tyler [Hubbard] before?

TF: I actually just did my first show with them a short while back. I was blown away. They definitely found a niche in their own thing and they’ve really capitalized on that and their fans are just crazed over them and I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen fans react to a show like they did. I was very impressed by it and I’ve known Brian and Tyler for several years. They’re friends of mine so this fall being on tour with them and Colt Ford, him being a good friend of mine, it’ll be fun. It’ll be what is what it is. I’m sure well collaborate on some songs together and there’ll be some songwriting. There’ll be a lot of fun to be had out there. It’s always more fun on tour when you’re with your buddies.

Fans can keep up with Tyler Farr on Facebook and Twitter . His new album Redneck Crazy is available HERE. Click HERE for a chance to win a Redneck Crazy prize pack!

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