• May 7, 2013
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Five Questions with Craig Campbell


Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell‘s sophomore album, Never Regret, is available in stores and online today. With his latest single, “Outta My Head,” climbing the charts, Campbell is ready for fans to hear the rest of the tracks on the album.

Fans were first introduced to Campbell in 2011 with his self-titled debut album, which produced the hits “Fish” and “Family Man.”

CountryMusicIsLove recently caught up with Craig Campbell to discuss Never Regret, his Celebrity Cornhole Challenge, and more. See what he had to say below…

Five Questions with Craig Campbell

CMIL: What’s the story behind your latest single, “Outta My Head?”

CC: “Outta My Head” was a song that was sent to me that I don’t know – I think the story is from the co-writers that it was on hold with somebody else so it actually was sent to me by mistake. I’m fairly glad that they mistakenly sent it to me. We actually went in to record a few songs, but “Outta My Head” was not considered the single. When we got done with it, it was a song that kind just moved itself to the front and said, ‘Wait a minute. Y’all need to be listening to me ‘cause I’m the best song’ and it was. I thought it was the perfect introduction to the new album.

CMIL: Was there any pressure when it came to recording your sophomore album?

CC: The first record was pretty nerve-wracking for me ‘cause I’ve never done it before. My producer Keith Stegall he asked me if it would be okay to bring in Matt Rovey to co-produce and I love Matt to death. We have a really good relationship. I was able to put in my two cents worth and me and Matt had a relationship to where he could say, ‘That’s not a good idea’ or ‘Man, I love that’ and vice versa. He’d throw things my way and I’d be like, ‘No, that’s not me’ so this record was a lot more fun to make for me.

CMIL: What is the meaning behind the title ‘Never Regret?’

CC: There’s a song on the album called ‘Never Regret’ but the actually song and the title of the album don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other. The ‘Never Regret’ thing is just how I’ve approached being here in Nashville and chasing down my dreams. Of all the decisions I’ve made, all the choices that have been presented in front of me, ‘Do I do this?’ or ‘Do I do that?’ Everything I’ve done I’ve closed my eyes and just jumped. There’s nothing that I’ve done yet that I regret. That’s just the way it is. It’s pretty much the same way with this album. It’s full of choices and subject matter and that’s just how you just gotta look at it. Just do what you do and don’t regret it.

CMIL: Fans grew to love your traditional sound on your first album. Can we expect that again from ‘Never Regret?’ 

CC: Oh absolutely. It’s the same in a way, but it also is different. There’s a couple songs that are very reminiscent of my first record and then there’s a few songs that talk about things that we didn’t even touch on the first album. There’s some new subject matter. The tempo of the album is a little bit quicker. The energy level is a good bit higher. That was what I wanted more than anything, to make a fresh album and just make it a little bigger than the first.

CMIL: What can you tell us about the Craig Campbell Celebrity Cornhole Challenge?

CC: I’m so excited. That speaks volumes for the industry and artists here in town. I didn’t have to beg any of these guys and girls to be in my tournament. They know we’re doing this for a really, really good cause – for the TJ Martell Foundation. I called a few of my friends and said, ‘Would you all want to be in my Cornhole challenge?’ and they all said, ‘Yea.’ There’s a couple that kind of hesitated and said, ‘Can we drink beer?’ and I said, ‘Yea’ and they were like ‘Well all right I’m in.’ Not to mention any names, but Jerrod Niemann. (laughs) He’s a good dude. We’re looking forward to it. It’s going to be the first annual. Hopefully we can continue to do this year in and year out and I just thought it’d be kind of cool to do this during CMA Fest so as many artists as we have in this tournament – I’m just hoping it gets bigger and bigger and all the fans around the world can come and see all their favorite artists lose to me that day.

For more information about Campbell’s Celebrity Cornhole Challenge, and to purchase tickets, click HERE.

Fans can keep up with Campbell on Facebook and Twitter. His new album, Never Regret, is available on iTunes now.

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