• November 14, 2013
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Five Questions with The Swon Brothers {TWIX Edition}


TWIX Pick A Side Sing-Off With The Swon Brothers

CountryMusicIsLove recently caught up with hot new duo The Swon Brothers at B.B. King’s in Nashville, Tenn. where the former “The Voice” contestants joined the TWIX Brand rivalry between the Left TWIX and Right TWIX.

Zach and Colton Swon each debuted new tunes to a room full of fans and asked for their help to “pick a side.”

 Zach Swon saw this jingle writing competition as the perfect opportunity to decide which Swon brother is truly superior. He said, “Left TWIX is always on the cutting edge of marketing so it wasn’t surprising that they selected me to write something special for them.” Meanwhile, Colton Swon countered, “Right TWIX is known as the more innovative cookie bar so it made sense that they would look to the real creative genius in the Swon family to write their song.”
Which side will you choose? Check out the video below and decide for yourself!

Five Questions with The Swon Brothers

CMIL: How did you team up with Twix? 

Colton : They called us and we got the phone call from our manager. When we heard the news that they wanted us to represent Twix and basically argue this big debate, this big argument that hasn’t been settled ever, we thought “Man, this is perfect for us.” We were super excited. I remember we were in the truck and we were driving home and it really made our night. We started talking to our parents about it and the gift of gab I guess.

Zach : We just started multiplying the people that are hearing about it. It’s fun though. It really fits us as people. It’s the perfect thing for us because we naturally have a friendly competition at all times being brothers and we love Twix candy bars so it was good thing. We’ve never done anything like this, but I hope they’re all happy. We had a great time. It was really fun.

CMIL: You recently signed with Arista Nashville – how does it feel to be on the same label with stars like Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley? 

Colton: We have been coming to this town for over twelve years now and trying to land a record deal. We actually got kicked out of record labels as little kids. We’ve been chasing this a really long time and to end up on one of the biggest labels with a name like Arista and the people that have been on that record label, like Brooks & Dunn, to be on there just means the world to us. It really does. It almost leaves us speechless. You don’t really know what to say ‘cause right when it happened we got in the truck and driving home we couldn’t even talk really we had to call our parents again. We’re living our dreams right now and people don’t realize that.

Zach: I know this is going to sound cheesy, but you couldn’t look at two more grateful guys. I know it seems like we just went on this TV show and had overnight shots, but we’ve been working at this since we were nine and twelve years old and it’s when we first got kicked out of a record label for going in there and trying to get a deal. It’s a dream come true for any artist. It just really means everything to us. We’re going to hopefully make a great record and people will love it.

Colton : Lot of pressure though, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, that’s some big company and big shoes to fill and hopefully we can have careers just like theirs.

CMIL: When will you begin the record-making process? 

Colton: We’ve actually already started writing and looking for songs. We just nailed down a producer, so we’re really plugged in. We should start within the next two weeks and by spring of next year the album should be done and the single could be before that. We don’t have a straight timeline. We’re going to take our time and get it right the first time ‘cause we know we still got a lot to prove to radio and to fans. People took the time to invest in our lives on that show, download, and vote so we’re going to take the time to get the record right.

CMIL: You covered a handful of country classics on the show – is the traditional country sound something fans can expect to carry through on your album? 

Zach: We kind of want to put a Swon Brothers stamp on the music we put out and I think you’re definitely going to hear classic tones and classic tendencies, but we want it to be made for current radio. I think once we get done, if we make the record we want to make, it’s going to be a little mixture of something vintage that’s current. That’s our thing. It’s going to be very harmony and melody driven and I think people will be pleased.

CMIL: Have you had a chance to take in Music City since making the big move? Do you have any favorite places around town? 

Colton: I’ll tell you what, I was not a fan of hot chicken whatsoever, but they’ve got me hooked on this hot chicken in Nashville. Any hot chicken around town I try now ‘cause I’m just addicted to it. I eat at Hattie B’s a lot and of course B.B. Kings, this place is awesome.

Zach: You can always hear great music anywhere. We went to the Listening Room one night and it was really cool, really relaxing, and chill, but honestly we’re on the road so much that I think my favorite place to be in Nashville is at home. It’s really the truth. We finally got a place to live here and it seems like we’re never there so it’s really nice to be back. We’re kind of homebodies.

Fans can keep with with The Swon Brothers on Twitter and Facebook.

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