• July 25, 2013
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Jake Owen Reveals the ‘Worst Part’ About His Hand Injury


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Jake Owen made headlines earlier this month when he was forced to undergo surgery to repair his hand following a go-kart injury that took place over Fourth of July weekend.

On Sunday, July 7 the “Days of Gold” singer tweeted from the emergency room to explain that he had been in an accident while racing go-karts with NASCAR’s Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer. After his trip the ER, Jake returned to Nashville where he had surgery to repair the damage to his hand.

CMT recently caught up with the Florida native to discuss the accident and injury. “I flipped a go-cart,” Owen explained. “I was at my buddy’s party, and we were just riding go-carts at the end of the night on a little race track in North Carolina. Those things are fast. They top out at 70, but I was only doing about 40 when I flipped it. It was just a very, very random thing. Things like that just happen to me.”

The injury was incredibly severe. “At the ER in North Carolina, they just sewed it up. But then I flew home the next morning and went to the doctor, and I had surgery right away. They basically put my fingers back on. I have 40 stitches, from the interior out. I shattered my fingers — the bones inside. The doctor said it was like taking a cinderblock and dropping it on your hand. Like it spider webbed the bones inside my fingers. So he had to suture the bones back up to even make it a bone and then put a screw in there to keep it together.”

Owen kept his promise and returned to the road just days after surgery. While his fans are concerned about how the injury would affect his live shows, Jake says his mind is in another place. “All I thought was, ‘Am I gonna be OK for my wife and my little girl?’ I don’t care about my hand. I don’t. Nobody has come up to me and been like, ‘Hey, man. Sorry to hear about your hand. I bet it sucks that you can’t hold your baby right now.’ Everyone’s more like, ‘I bet that sucks you can’t play guitar.’ I can’t even hold Pearl right now. That’s the worst part about it. I could care less about guitar.”

Jake is keeping fans up to date on his recovery. He tweeted a pretty gruesome photo of his hand earlier this week.


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