• January 16, 2012
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Jake Owen Forced to Cancel Upcoming Shows to Undergo Surgery to Repair Collarbone


Jake Owen had a very unlucky Friday the 13th and things just seem to keep getting worse.

As we previously reported, the “Alone With You” singer sustained a broken collarbone on Friday when he took a tumble on the slopes while snowboarding in Crested Butte, Colorado. After the accident Owen promised fans he’d make it to his next scheduled shows even if he had to “sit on a stool” while on stage. Well, it turns out Jake’s plan didn’t sit too well with his doctor.

“In the Dr. waiting on my sentence,” Jake tweeted this morning. “You know it’s not good when he comes in and says, ‘That break is worse than the football teams.’ Damn.”

After the exam, Jake returned to Twitter to deliver more bad news.

“I guess I spoke too soon,” he wrote. “So sorry to my friends and fans. I’m going in for surgery tomorrow morning. My shows will be postponed. :(”

Jake’s sold-out shows originally scheduled for January 18 and 19 at Joe’s Bar in Chicago, IL have already been rescheduled for April 18 and 19. The shows originally scheduled for January 20 and 21 at Island Resort & Casino in Harris, MI have been rescheduled for April 20 and 21.

Get well soon, Jake!

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