• February 13, 2013
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Jewel Enlists Kelly Clarkson and Pistol Annies for New Greatest Hits Album


Jewel is getting a little help from her friends on her new Greatest Hits album. The singer enlisted Kelly Clarkson and the Pistol Annies to sing on two of her best-known hits.

“I re-cut ‘Foolish Games’ with Kelly Clarkson, who is one of my favorite singers, and she was kind enough to perform on that with me, and then I re-did ‘You Were Meant for Me’ with the Pistol Annies,” Jewel recently told Fox News.

Jewel admitted that working with Clarkson was quite an experience. “She’s kind of a freak of nature vocally. I go in there and I was holding to this long note, holding the melody, and it’s as high as I can sing and I’m like on my tippy toes trying to reach it and she goes in there and she just nails the harmony, above it, in full chest voice. I mean, it’s like watching a thoroughbred run. It isn’t right.”

The singer, who toured with Brad Paisley after releasing a full-length Country album in 2008, is getting ready to take her show on the road once again for the first time after becoming a mother. “I’m taking the greatest hits on the road,” she revealed. “I’ll be out March, April, May and June.”

Take a listen to Jewel and Pistol Annies’ version of “You Are Meant For Me” below. Click HERE to purchase Jewel’s Greatest Hits album on iTunes.

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