• January 14, 2013
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Lee Brice Dishes on Wedding Plans


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The new year is well underway and one Country singer has a very important event in the forefront of his mind. Hitmaker Lee Brice is looking forward to his upcoming wedding. Though the “I Drive Your Truck” singer’s career has been skyrocketing, Brice is planning on taking an entire month off to focus on his soon-to-be wife Sara Reevely.

“We’re looking at April to get married,” Lee told Country Countdown USA. “We’re ready, we’re excited! I’m taking a month off for my wedding. I didn’t want to have to get married in a couple-day thing. I wanted to be off for a week, do the wedding, then go for a honeymoon for 10 days, and really take the time to get married and enjoy it.”

Even though he has the time frame set, he is still deciding on a honeymoon destination. “Actually, I haven’t quite got that nailed down yet,” he admitted. “I’m a last-minute kind of guy, but I promise you it’ll be fun. I think I’m gonna surprise her, but I’m hesitating because she’s a picky kind of person. Not that she’s gonna be picky, but I got to think because I want her to enjoy it. I want to take her someplace she’s never been, so that will be a different kind of vacation spot.”

The couple, who got engaged in January 2012, met nearly 14 years ago on Myrtle Beach in Lee’s home state of South Carolina. The two are parents to 4-year-old Takoda.

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