• October 17, 2013
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‘Nashville’ Recap: The Rayna James Family Drama Continues


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Drama focused in on the James family during Wednesday night’s episode of ABC’s “Nashville,” as the past was revisited (once again).

Rayna’s oldest daughter, Maddie, shows her terrible teen years too. A lot of it has to do with the recent revelation that Deacon is her dad by blood. Maddie went on the lam for a bit but turned to Juliette, an unlikely ally, who helps bridge the communication gap between mother and daughter.

Betrayal also reared its head – this time from Rayna’s sister, Tandy. Without delving too much into detail, their dad, Lamar, is likely headed for A LOT of legal trouble. The saying “don’t go looking for the answers you can’t handle” comes to mind, after Tandy uncovers details surrounding her mother’s death. Whether the new information is the truth, what she builds up in her mind is another thing.

It seems Rayna’s ex-hubby Teddy is also torn between stability and sensibility with Peggy, the mother of his nonexistent child. Her ploy to keep him close seemed to be working – especially after he drops a life changing decision in her hand. Talk about an “oh, my God” moment! It comes back to bite him later on in the episode.


Of course, not all the drama flowed to Rayna’s end of the pool. The country star also caused a lot of waves for Juliette. Rayna was forced to cancel her concert tour with Juliette, since her voice is still on the mend. Like any true survivor, Juliette pairs with the last person you’d expect her to, but it was only to get her stubborn way.

Issues cropped up for other characters too. Will struggled with promises he can’t keep, while Gunnar looked down two future paths in music – one as writer, the other as a performer.

Be assured, things are only going to get way more interesting from here. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode titled “Don’t Open That Door.” It airs on ABC Wednesday (10/23) at 10/9c.

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