• February 12, 2013
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Natalie Maines: Going Back to Country Music Would be ‘Like Going Back to Your Abusive Husband’


Dixie Chicks‘ singer Natalie Maines is ‘not ready to make nice’ with Country music.

At Friday’s┬áMusiCares Person of the Year event in Los Angeles, CMT’s Katie Cook asked Maines how she feels about the current state of Country music and told her that many Country fans still love her. According to CMT, Maines laughed then replied, “You still love me. … Lots of people don’t love me. You know what? It’s kind of like going back to your abusive husband. I’m just not feeling it. I’m sorry.”

Maines laughed again then Cook assured her, “We won’t hit you anymore,” but Maines wasn’t convinced. “Ah, yeah, right. That’s what they all say,” she said with another laugh.

The band, who has won a total of 13 GRAMMY Awards throughout their career, infamously made harsh comments about President George W. Bush during a concert in London in 2003. They have slowly fizzled out of the spotlight since then.

Maines will release her first solo album, a rock album entitled Mother, on May 7.

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