• October 3, 2013
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New Enemies Move Into ABC’s ‘Nashville’


CONNIE BRITTON, CLARE BOWEN, Rayna, Scarlett, ABC Nashville - CountryMusicIsLove

Business as usual was thrown for a loop on ABC’s “Nashville” Wednesday (10/2) when new characters moved in on Rayna an Juliette’s turf.

Fresh out of the hospital and on the mend, Rayna James (Connie Britton) learns that the label’s new “Harvard pencil pusher,” Jeff, is looking to clean house. Of course, she’d rather hit the field than sit on the sidelines and got back to work, protecting her new project, Highway 65. Jeff (Oliver Hudson) came on like sugar but it wasn’t long before his true colors came out. Let’s just say Highway 65 isn’t the same anymore.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE, Juliette, ABC Nashville - CountryMusicIsLove

Juliette suffered a bad case of karma after she exploited Rayna’s hospital stint to boost her image and album sales. Not only does Jeff pretty much hate her guts, he also signed a new rival to the label. Up-and-coming starlet Layla Grant (Ashley Peeples) knows nothing about the struggle to become a top country act. She spent 12 “never ending” weeks on a performance reality show before she inked a contract. That might be what peeves Juliette the most, especially since she wowed a crowd of country music veterans by covering a Juliette song right in front of her. Things for Juliette are bound to get interesting for the rest of the season.

The ladies also showed a lot of gumption with the guys in their lives. Whether it was Rayna and Teddy or Maddie and Deacon, the gals really put their foot down to show the men who’s boss.

Can’t wait until the next episode of Nashville, Wednesday (10/16) at 10/9c on ABC.

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