• March 8, 2012
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Taylor Swift: ‘I Worry About Everything’


With Taylor Swift‘s overwhelming fame and fortune, some may assume that she doesn’t have a worry in the world. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Swift admits that despite all of her success, she regularly battles anxiety.

“I worry about everything,” Swift confesses. “Any possible worst case scenario that could happen or me saying the wrong thing, and my career being over, and me making the wrong choices and nobody trusting me anymore, or me getting really complacent and making a bad record. I worry constantly.”

Perhaps one of the only things Swift doesn’t stress about is her love life. Although the tabloids stay busy linking her to a new male on a regular basis, the “Ours” singer is happy to leave that part of her life up to fate.

“I do find it funny hearing about all these people I’m supposed to be dating. Most of these guys I haven’t even met! Right now I am happy being single and I just leave it to chance whether I meet someone some day.”

These days it doesn’t sound like Swift has too much to worry about. She’s currently touring in Australia and recently tweeted to her followers “Both shows in Brisbane were magical and wildly dancy. And so completely worth the trip.”

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