• November 25, 2013
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Five Questions with Danielle Bradbery


Danielle Bradbery - CountryMusicIsLove

It’s a big day for Danielle Bradbery…The country newcomer and winner of season four of “The Voice” is celebrating the release of her much-anticipated self-titled debut album! The release includes Bradbery’s debut single, “The Heart of Dixie,” as well as 10 additional tracks. The deluxe version, which is also available now, features four bonus tracks, including Bradbery’s covers of “Jesus Take the Wheel” and “Born To Fly.”

CountryMusicIsLove recently caught up with Bradbery to chat about life after “The Voice,” her album, and more. See what she had to say below…

CMIL: What does it mean to you to have continued support from Blake Shelton, even after ‘The Voice’ is over?

DB: Having Blake continue to support me off “The Voice” and just everything through that is really cool. Having someone like him who I can fall back on and just talk about what’s going on with my career and him give me advice or just warn me about certain things cause he’s been through all of that and with me being so new into everything and so young, he’s the perfect example to really look up to. It’s really cool talking to him and showing him all of my new songs and my album. It’s cool hearing his opinion.

CMIL: What’s one song that you can personally relate to on your album? 

DB: “Never Like This” is a song that I can really relate to in what’s going on in my life now and of my experience on “The Voice,” just put all together in one song. I can say now, “I’ve never had anything happen like this.” I really get into the song and I like telling people “Never Like This” has happened. It’s an amazing experience and I love that song.

CMIL: Tell us about the guitar you received from Hunter Hayes – have you played it yet? 

DB: After “The Voice” and performing with him, I got to be on the “Today” Show and Hunter Hayes surprised me with a brand new guitar as him saying “thank you” and “congratulations for all your hard work and winning.” He got me a really awesome guitar, which was so sweet. It was really awesome. I don’t play guitar too much, but when I try, I do use that guitar.

CMIL: You recently attended your high school homecoming – is it different for you to participate in those kind of events since ‘The Voice?’

DB: It’s very different from now and when I was actually a regular student in school before “The Voice.” When I went to my homecoming, I got to go to the dance and the football game. That was an experience. A lot of people were of course treating me different. All of a sudden, it went from Danielle Bradbery to “oh my gosh, you’re celebrity Danielle Bradbery.” I literally got those words as I would be walking down to the student section at the football game or walking by people at the dance. It’s weird. I’m like thinking to myself, ‘this didn’t happen last year.’ It’s crazy to think about, but at the end of the day, I had so much fun and it was so nice to be in that high school atmosphere again and to be with all of my friends. It was really cool to embrace again.

CMIL: It’s pretty much every girl’s dream to have hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Did you have a lot of fun with that for your recent photo and video shoots?

DB: It’s really cool to be able to have somebody do my hair and makeup for things like photo shoots and the red carpet. I think a lot of girls would love to have that moment to just sit down and have someone just beautify you. It’s really fun and I love it.

Click HERE to purchase Danielle Bradbery’s debut album on iTunes.

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